Have you guys heard about Ghee? Well I hadn’t until a few weeks ago. I’ve been on the hunt lately for lactose-free alternatives as i’m slowly trying to faze them out of my diet… but sometimes a girl just needs butter!

Which is why i was beyond excited when i learned about ghee (its lactose free!)

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Roasted Vegetables with Honey Garlic Balsamic Sauce(GF, Vegetarian)


So last night was one of those nights where you haven’t been grocery shopping in a while, so you decide to whip up a meal with whatever you have on hand. We decided to bake some fish with roasted  veggies for a side.

♥    ♥    ♥    ♥

Let me tell you.. these veggies were  SO DAMN DELICIOUS! My boyfriend basically ate half the batch of veggies before the fish was done cooking.

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Easy Balsamic Mushroom Sauce (GF, Vegetarian)

Ahh… I need to tell you guys about my new favorite sauce!!

♥ Balsamic Mushroom Sauce 

Guys this stuff is so tasty and of course easy to make!

I don’t typically like to eat cream based sauces because i try to avoid dairy as much as i can (except cheese… and yogurt) so I mainly use tomato sauce annnd… I don’t know about you guys but i get kind of sick of eating tomato sauce all the time… which is why i’m so obsessed with this! 

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Savoury Mushroom Quinoa (V, GF, DF)

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Make ahead meals are my absolute favourite. I am so busy throughout the week so I don’t always have the time or energy to cook a meal when I come home from work. I am obsessed with meals that I can cook ahead of time, and just grab and eat. Quinoa is perfect for this!
The Huffington Post  refers to Quinoa as a “health food superstar”because of these 7 health benefits;
  1. High in protein — its protein balance is similar to milk and has more protein compared to rice, millet or wheat.
  2. A good source of riboflavin — riboflavin helps reduce the frequency attacks in migraine sufferers by improving the energy metabolism within the brain and muscle cells.
  3. The saponins from quinoa are used to promote healing of skin injuries in South America, making it a good antiseptic.
  4. It’s alkaline-forming. Although it is not strongly alkaline-forming, it is comparable to wild rice, amaranth, and sprouted grains.
  5. It only has 172 calories per ¼ cup dry quinoa.
  6. Since it is not related to wheat or grain, it’s gluten-free. Millions are discovering they feel better and lose weight when they reduce gluten grains or at least wheat products.
  7. It is a complex carbohydrate with low glycemic index. This is again good for weight management. I use it in a number of my health Boot Camps.Sometimes I even just make a batch of quinoa, and keep it in the fridge so that I can add it to whatever recipe i’d like to throughout the week. 

It is also gluten-free!

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